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Hashik is an enthusiastic coder and a self-learner. Other than coding he is a crazy basketball lover and would love to play than watch others play on TV. He’s fond of Late Night Shows and a big fan of FRIENDS and Breaking Bad. He loves to teach and yet the irony, he’s an awful teacher

JSON is one of the famous ways to share the data used in API on the internet. That's because it’s flexible and easy to use and parse. But, sometimes JSON is just not enough nor the other ways to transfer data like XML, hal_Json etc. Now comes the infamous comma separated values aka the CSV format. CSV is used for tabular data most often like, for instance, if you are having a spreadsheet lying… Read more
If you are into coding the word debugging would sound familiar to you. For me, without a debugger time involved in fixing a bug or an error will significantly rise. Having debuggers would reduce the hassle of writing print statements or echos in our code effectively cutting down the bad looking code. In this article, we’ll configure XDebug on our servers. I will explain how we can do it on MAMP… Read more
Handling multiple projects on multiple platforms with multiple technologies and hosting them can turn out to be tedious. DDEV lets you concentrate on the development of the project rather than worrying and wasting time on the deployment of the project. The best thing is it is open source and so is licensing. DDEV supposedly makes setting up and running PHP development environment easy, that is… Read more
In layman's term entity can be defined as “a thing with distinct and independent existence” which implies that an entity is something unique, followed by certain properties, field or aspects that makes them unique. Let's move ahead and explore what it means in Drupal.  Getting grip on Entity and Entity type isn’t easy for a novice Drupal developer. There are hour-long videos on YouTube… Read more
I always love it when websites provide the drag and drop functionality to upload images or file when uploading. So easy! It’s just intuitive that’s what makes it the best component of UI. After all, a good UI should always be intuitive and responsive to the user. How do Dropzonejs work? DropzoneJS is an open source library which provides drag-and-drop file uploads with image previews. To use… Read more
While writing my articles I want to concentrate on my content rather than wasting time on figuring out ways to insert interactive media. If you are a content editor or content manager you want to manage content with ease, because why do it the hard way? If you are using Drupal site, then you know that the Media module just fits.  In Drupal 8 media handling is split into three parts. Media… Read more
You are reading this article, and you realize there is some technically wrong information. You want to inform me but without embarrassing me in the comments. I don’t think anyone will go to an extent to find my email id and then inform of the error. How do they do it? While not wasting around much time. This is where contact forms come to rescue! Having contact form improve the chances of… Read more
Did you ever find yourself scrolling on social media platforms like Twitter watching memes, liking and retweeting funny videos for hours without having the track of time? Because I did, when the scroll bar becomes the size of a rice grain I pause, to realize the time I wasted on social media, regretting not putting that time into something productive and then continue scrolling. This begs the… Read more
One of the best things about CMSs is they can lessen the human efforts by a huge margin but, even then adding any media is never easy. At least it wasn’t until Media handling modules came into action, let us discuss how it made things easy. To understand about Media Entity, we need to understand the Media modules as a whole and why they exist. Let us go into the days of Drupal 7 when there was no… Read more
When I was a novice developer I remember making an aesthetically pleasing website and deploying it on to the web. I tried to Google it hoping to see my site up and running. Feel proud of my new achievement. With a not so good luck, I found the site on the third page of the Google search. Heartbroken, I rolled up my sleeves and decided to promote my site via social media. As I tried to share my… Read more
If you are a typical internet user you must have come across Captchas, at least once in your lifetime, which asks you to prove your credibility as a human by typing bizarre looking sequence of characters or sometimes asks you to solve simple mathematical problems (as simple as 1 + 2). They are annoying, aren’t they? Thwarting you from accessing the content. Quite the irony, which it is, their… Read more