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Harshit is a former Content & Marketing Associate at OpenSense Labs. A true bibliophile, his favorite books are Purple Cow, and Rich Dad Poor Dad. Filled with all the energy, Harshit hates to sit idle. Thanks to his caffeine intake, he keeps the energy flowing in the office as well as outside it. You will see him plugged in listening to deep house and country music while kicking ass with marketing. His love for beer is well known throughout OpenSense Labs. 

Cyber security is an endless topic, somethings are crackable, and some just aren’t. The security discussions have become an endless thing and it is not going to stop. Sometimes facebook concerns everyone with its data related malpractices and sometimes Google but the crowd is here to absorb everything because even the government’s hands are tied to their knowledge and expertise base, they can… Read more
Evolving to better industry standards is how business stay competitive in their industry. The best approach to being  super proactive in your industry is adapting to the changing business environment on the outside. It is also a huge factor for providing the best in class customer experience to your vibrant customer base.  Yes, digital adoption brings a clear cut competitive advantage  Here’s a… Read more
It doesn’t just require the best business idea to rock the business side of things. Even when you have a great problem solving product with a wide market gamut, you will sometimes fall short of good teams and good dynamics between different business functions. In the year 2011, product failure was unfortunately at a staggering height of  48% (source), because of reasons like poor coordination… Read more
Risk taking is considered a skill set of some form. It requires enormous amounts of endurance and perseverance and an overall strategic approach to get something we call a calculated risk. Not everybody is risk averse but they are definitely sure about being on the calculated end of risk. There is risk of reputation, financial risk, risk of business continuity and other types which keep… Read more
Execution always oversees idea and it is the truth. A lot of products reach execution and fail to deliver on the business model. You might have an idea which is the next Atlassian or the next Slack but to make it a profitable product it will require a lot of work, a lot of planning and strategizing. There's a lot of work ahead to get an idea out of the bubble and onto the shelf, so you need to… Read more
Agile has been considered one of the finest software development life cycle practises. Its certifications and other related accolades have made it a never ending thesis which is also great when being implemented.  When people in the business landscape talk about lean, what they mean is process optimisations and having an extremely trimmed out team which can do wonders professionally. Lean is a… Read more
Continuous improvement is a principle designed for businesses, teams and individuals. The principles help you escalate your habits towards a good direction and hence help with every operation you participate in. Not a paradigm shift or invention, but slow and steady progress is the most innovative. It helps apply change easier, as well as giving the reins to the organization rather than having to… Read more
Technology deliveries are becoming one of the main points of concern in today’s landscape. Clients expect things to be seamlessly handled and deployed but they depend on us for facing the bottlenecks and hurdles on the way. A good delivery pipeline takes into consideration everything, let’s discuss those beneath.  Source: Scaled Agile, IncWhy are pipelines so important ? A good delivery pipeline… Read more
Emerging technologies have penetrated every aspect of our lives. We have whatever we want at our fingertips, instantly accessible and often purchasable. Sadly technology doesn’t always deliver on the hassle-free experience that it promises, slowing us down and making us change how we work or do things to fit in with the way that the software or solution works. Put simply, the technology is… Read more
Agile analytics  focuses on finding value in a data set rather than deriving unlimited number of business derivations out of the data sets.  Agility in business intelligence had one agenda behind it, analytical flexibility and adaptability to changing needs rather than sticking to a rigid structure. Agile analytics has been derived from this concept and it offers a cross flow of data discovery… Read more
Current day dynamic business environments need mature testing processes & practices that can guarantee success rather than just cutting down costs. While testing has traditionally been regarded as a curative solution, the reality is that it is a preventive medicine that can enhance product capabilities and help meet business objectives. Today, nearly 40% of a typical software project budget… Read more
Software Development Life-cycle varies across various organisations as per what suits them best on the board.People who use waterfall tend to not like agile and people who like agile tend to not like waterfall. It might seem strange but you will always feel a sense of rivalry between proponents of waterfall methodology and agile methodology. However, we have seen agile being adopted for various… Read more
Data warehouses and databases don’t differ to staggering levels, they are familiar systems, are both relational data systems, but were built to serve different purposes. A data warehouse is generally built to store staggeringly large quantities of historical data and also process simple and complex queries to be made all across those datasets. This is often made possible using online analytical… Read more
Voice assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google have immense potential underlying their technologies. They can help differently abled users in their daily lives and it is going to have a huge, huge impact on their respectively different daily chores and usual lifestyle. While on the other hand. Voice assistants are creating an entirely new and different line of technology and marketplaces and… Read more
Understanding responsibilities as a technical leader Technical leadership has come a long way and has to go a long way. This is in synchronization with the ever evolving company culture and workplace. As a technical leader, you are supposed to take full charge of the technical front of things, economically and ergonomically. The board will rely on you for the technical advancements across the… Read more
Open source communities are more about sharing ultimate value rather than just building something. They love to contribute and impact people all across the globe. Open source culture is more than just reusing free code on GitHub to get products to market faster. The open source culture embraces an approach to software development which totally lays emphasis on all round collaboration and helpful… Read more
Open source software has been receiving some serious criticism and some serious applauds from the tech community all across the world. People beg to differ on a lot of ideas about it, it has led to some serious publicity over these years. But hold on a second, with publicity comes myth and with myth comes some serious thoughts and people get mislead. Which at the end of the day hampers people’s… Read more
Across all business cultures, growing and adapting to changing business practises and environments has always been through either mergers or some sort of acquisition. Day by day as organisations become larger, it often makes sense to acquire companies which are already doing what they excel at and that somehow serves your business purpose. However, this can often create a variety of conflicts and… Read more
Diversity has become one of the top concerns of every emerging conglomerate and it should also become a concern and priority for the emerging middle size companies.  The idea of building strong, responsible and productively interdependent and collaborative teams is to fuel good work in the society, not just for the sake of it. Some people don’t realise what teams can achieve together and better… Read more
Every RFP represents your company and crafting a good proposal is though, it is really challenging to just feel confident about it every now and then. Good proposals are mere hit and trials. They embark upon great work relationship between the two parties.  Where can you improve in your responses ? 1. A compelling executive summary This section is pretty straightforward. It’s an introduction to… Read more
Capacity Planning is the process in which organizations or teams match available employee hours against the needs of a project or program.  To be more specific, capacity here means the maximum amount of work that can be completed in a given period. And in this context, “planning” is the act of scheduling employee hours against a fixed or expected amount of work.    Capacity Planning can help… Read more
Maintaining connections in a remote workplace is tough and regardless of all the communication tools you have, it is tough to maintain a personal touch with the people you work with closely on nearly everything. Let’s talk about a few things which you can do to make sure you never make your team feel out of the loop or out of the team spirit.  Some statistics to give you the chills There are… Read more
Accessibility is oriented towards making things more and more understandable and usable by people of diverse physical characteristics. Not everyone is born with the same set of visuals or set of active fingers, people do lack on some sections and technology is supposed to be accessed by many. This is not meant to include individuals who have visual, motor, auditory, speech, or cognitive… Read more
Collaboration and maintaining the right connection is always very challenging in a remote setup. Assuming you are a team manager reading this piece, you need to focus a lot of energy towards making the team feel the team spirit and making them feel the drive to work towards a common goal. At the end of the day, it all boils down to two elements, connection and collaboration. You need to help your… Read more
Given the state of SEO in recent years, there are a lot of things which get changed. As the ranking factors change, the CMS strategies should differ as well. Let’s break down the most common Google ranking factors in 2019: Breaking down the factors into different categories for a far better understanding and prioritisation of your strategy.  A few must-haves, modules and to-dos Utilize the… Read more
B2D (Business-to-Developer) model is a special and rare breed. Hardly people get into it with business intentions, they happen to run into it. They often begin as very small development projects, sometimes open-source, with a kernel of developers building a product to service their own needs, which gains some momentum and begins to grow.  In this sense, B2D companies are similar to pure consumer… Read more
Multitasking is always considered to be a proficient thing. Some people can get things done within a flash and some struggle to multitask. However, it has nothing to do with your productivity quotient, you can be considered productive even if you like to finish one given task at a time.  Here’s how the American Psychological Association defines multi-tasking: “Multitasking can take place when… Read more
Who would want to suffer a data breach? That means a lot of loss, deterioration of brand identity, loss of customer information, trust, business opportunity and what not. Drupal as a CMS ensures continuous breach monitoring and enterprise-class security. What’s the catch? Paying attention to security measures since the very beginning to keep everything in line. Data is a the biggest property… Read more
Media asset management solutions are changing the game by providing a new approach in how multimedia content and digital assets are handled on your site. Updating and regulating your media files is made easy with Drupal’s well designed Asset and Media Management Modules. Here is a fine selection of some of the best tools that will make managing media on a Drupal website a super easy experience.… Read more
As information and data are both on a staggering rise, the Enterprise Content Management requirement and market is worth a discussion. The ultimate goal of deploying content management systems within the enterprise is to create workflows and improve efficiency in a wide-spread organisations with a lot of people in the workforce.  CMS vs ECM A Content Management System is generally used to… Read more
Who doesn’t like a great experience? In fact, many business models revolve around great experiences.  May it be fine dining or a mobile app, user experience sells like nothing else. In my experience, it is also the USP, in some situations.  With the help of our design team, we curated a set of helpful tips for improving on your website’s user experience.  Beginner tips  Modern navigation has… Read more
With e-commerce on a tremendous rise, platforms are pouring like rain onto the market. You must be having second and thirty thoughts about which one to pick. You also might be consulting people. And that’s a good thing. It will ensure that you get to know the ins and outs of a lot of platforms in the eCommerce landscape.  However, a lot also depends on your product’s roadmap. Do you want it to… Read more
Drupal 8 has been in the market for good two years now. It’s mobile first and editor-friendly approaches have led to staggering growth rate. However, you might be running Drupal’s 7th release and you might be still okay with it. Considering your website’s business scope, you may or may not require an upgrade. But it is always good to upgrade as older versions go nearly obsolete in some time. … Read more
It’s always a battle when planning a website design. Your end goals, target audience, content, user experience, everything must align. It’s like a cloud of thoughts right inside your team’s head. It’s critical to optimize your website experience for the devices your audience is or will be using.  In this article, we will cover the approaches needed to address the mobile-first application design… Read more
Offshore development has proved to be efficient and extremely fruitful. While criticism is unavoidable, you need to go behind the curtain to refresh your thought process. We are going to share best practices to ensure project satisfaction across various stakeholders and the processes. The time difference Follow the sun- A work model which comes into play when their happens to be a time zone… Read more
For some reason, you aren’t getting good traffic to your site. Before diving into an intensive content review, consider that you may have made a great website for people, but you haven’t caught the attention of search engines. What and Why Is SEO So Crucial? Search engine optimization is a set of rules and practices which help business owners escalate their online reputation.  Say, someone who… Read more
It is important to have a sound understanding of what automating your marketing may bring before you even dive into it. The Marketing automation software generally brings together content assets such as landing pages, emails, web events, etc. and deliver them to prospects at the most appropriate time in their buying journey.   78% of top-tier marketers believe marketing automation systems to be… Read more
Business owners all over the world have been practicing performance budgeting for years, some stick to it as it seems pretty much rewarding to their respective businesses. However, all of them are not financially equipped enough to maintain performance budgeting standards, they can still adhere to a set of practices for at least not crossing certain lines. We’ll discuss why is it a concept so… Read more
Maintaining your Drupal web property could double or triple your potential market value. 90 percent of operations are no less important, but aspects of security, maintenance, and the backend Drupal essentials shouldn’t be less taken care of. The Necessary: A Maintenance Plan Nearly a decade ago, you could build a static website, publish content, display pictures and satisfactorily leave it… Read more
Open Social is an online community and intranet solution for nonprofits and innovative companies. It is currently employed by customers like the United Nations, Greenpeace and hundreds of smaller organizations to connect with their employees, volunteers and other stakeholders. Read our blog Drupal For Community Platforms to understand more about community platforms. What does it comprise?… Read more
Want to build a scalable and collaborative workplace intranet? Here’s our recommendation, a business solution, for you: Open Atrium A Drupal distribution software, Open Atrium 2.0, enables organizations to create best in class business solutions through powerful knowledge management and social collaboration tools. Its framework allows your organization to easily integrate existing software and… Read more
What is Vardoc? Vardoc is a knowledge base system, a wiki system, and a document management system designed to host a massive amount of content in a structured and easy-to-find format. Vardoc helps you build a connected organization, product, or knowledge area to allow everyone involved to find the answers they seek and contribute their expertise in the knowledge base. Think of it as a wiki site… Read more
What is Opigno? Opigno is an open source e-learning platform based on Drupal that allows you to manage your online training, and efficiently ensure that student, employee and partner skills remain up to date. Opigno LMS is designed for companies, corporations, and universities, looking for an e-learning solution which is flexible and is easily scalable. What does it comprise? Role management… Read more
You should consider a more tailored and ready website especially when you want to get quickly into the market without wasting any time. This allows you to specifically meet your potential customers without any further delay. Commerce Kickstart is the right way to do it.  More and more people realize the impact e-commerce creates when they aren’t able to find the right products in their local… Read more
What is Easy Booking? Easy booking allows you to set up a website, that will suit all your needs in managing your own hotel, inn or hostel online. It gives a set of options for visitors to make room reservations, contact hotel administration or just follow hotel’s newsletter to be aware of all special offers and discounts. Easy booking profile is powered by Drupal Rooms and Drupal Commerce -… Read more
What is aGov? aGov is ideal for any federal, state or local government agency wanting to move their websites quickly and easily to Drupal whilst retaining full control of their codebase and choice of hosting provider. Agov has been adopted by many government bodies across the globe and is continuously proving to be very cost and resource effective. Why choose aGov? There happen to be a lot of… Read more
What is OpenAid? OpenAid is a free and open source website starter kit designed to help cause-driven organizations create feature-rich websites, effectively promoting their work and mobilizing their supporters. OpenAid provides a modern responsive theme and commonly-needed functionality to allow organizations and programs to launch new sites without the need for extensive custom development.… Read more
Higher educational institutions and schools strive to host cost-effective network infrastructures and websites to support today's news outlet fashion. Most of an institution’s processes are now conducted online, such as attendance, notices, announcements, calendar events, declaring results, and much more. Having a profound online presence and maintaining required communication. What is OpenEDU… Read more
There is always too much of turbulence regarding the #bestcms in the market and I won't call it an overhype. Drupal and WordPress do power almost every organization's online presence. Content management systems have become hassle-free and gigantic with time. And can you really imagine the world without websites? Oh please, we have come really far. Now, Drupal and WordPress do dominate the market… Read more
Hiring the best Drupal development company is a heftier task than you would have thought. Following the herd and going with the market-giant is not always fruitful. “One size does not fit all”, requirements, and wants do differ. A team of developers who understand your needs, consider your business as their own and help you actualize your goals is what you should be looking for. Initially, it… Read more