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Gaurav Kapoor

Gaurav is a Senior Drupal Developer, Speaker, and Acquia certified Site Builder who fell in love with Drupal while in college. He is known for his subtle and killer humor. When he is not cracking jokes, or contributing to the community he is mostly exploring recipes for Bruschetta.

There might be instances where an editorial team comes across challenges in the process of publishing its content. These include: Living a number of articles at the same time. Sending the final copy of approval on a website to different people but not living it.  Publishing a number of articles on different websites/subdomains.  Luckily, the Drupal Deploy module allows content staging and… Read more
Drupal is designed to endure bulk traffic but, even it can fail if the number rises to a hundred thousand. Learn to configure Varnish with Drupal.  Peak traffic can result in exhaustive to-and-fro of data from the server to the computer which can eventually wear-out the server. This extensive process makes it hard for the server to adapt to growing numbers of viewers visiting the site at the… Read more
Hosting your Drupal website on AWS enhances the performance, security, and flexibility of your website in a cost-friendly budget. In this tutorial, you will learn to host Drupal on AWS and also how to migrate an existing website to AWS.     Literally speaking, it is a most advanced content management system that works perfectly if it is backed by a robust server infrastructure like Amazon Web… Read more
According to batch operations can be defined as “...function allowing form processing spread out over several page requests, ensuring that the processing does not get interrupted because of a PHP timeout while also allowing the user to receive feedback on the progress of the ongoing operations.”. In Drupal, without PHP, the timeout can be set using Batch API to perform programming… Read more