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Bikash is fond of lines of code that does magic. He loves listening to techno and is a budding car-geek. Likes spending his time browsing through tech sites. Bikash is a big-time Batman fan and believes that Batman can beat anyone.

Microsoft picture manager displays pictures and so does Google's Picasa. But I think most of us will agree that Picassa does enhance the user experience by a huge margin because of the way the pictures are presented to the user. Stock Drupal too doesn't do justice to the way the images get displayed. The animation is somewhat dull as compared and it does not provide many functionalities. As an… Read more
Redis, an acronym for Remote Dictionary Server is an open-source in-memory database project implementing a distributed, in-memory key-value store with optional durability. An in-memory database also called a main memory database system or a memory resident database is a system that basically uses the main memory or Random Access Memory (RAM) for data storage which makes it faster than disk-… Read more
It is not an easy job to manage a website. Add to it that it is built on Drupal. Listing and managing the modules can become quite difficult. In order to manage the modules in your Drupal website and quickly find them when in need, Module Filter can help sort out and filter the right module. What is the Module Filter? A module filter organizes modules according to various categories such as… Read more
To ensure that only the authenticated user has access to the website content and there are no parallel sessions going, Drupal offers Session Limit module. It imposes the limits on the number of total sessions that may be established, to the discretion of the admin. These limits are what are known as Session Limits. A user can log in multiple times and have several instances running at the same… Read more
What is the first screen that pops up when your device starts? Maybe it shows an animation screen displaying the branding or a welcome screen of some sort. This screen depends on what the manufacturer has coded the machine to do when it boots up or referring to the topic, strapped to the boot of the device. So, generally speaking, the first program that runs without user interaction when a device… Read more
One of the reasons Drupal is popular is because of its flexibility. It provides some useful and out of the box blocks but there are times when you need to create a custom block. That is easy too. However, adding and managing fields can be a tough task for a newbie. In this article, we will observe how we can do so using custom blocks. First, create a custom block type. Navigate to Manage>… Read more
There are a million sites on the internet but only a few will appeal to you. Among the many other factors responsible, fonts are responsible for better readability. In fact, according to various studies, Helvetica is one of the most used custom fonts. Typography is another battle fought on other grounds. But you can also employ custom fonts. Custom Fonts help in providing a unique style and… Read more
In the previous blog How to use Linkit in your Drupal website, we learned to configure Linkit to add links using it. So we already know we can use linkit to include links in the CKEditor. But, we can also add links and make changes to the attributes by enhancing the functionality of CKEditor link editor box. In this blog, we will use of the Editor Advanced Link Drupal 8 to make websites more… Read more
Sitemaps can be regarded as a blueprint for a website. It helps users to understand how different pages on a site are linked together, their hierarchy and the sub-pages. They can either be really simple or be extremely complicated.   Modules such as XML Sitemap and Simple XML Sitemap generate sitemaps that are accessible by crawlers and bots. In my previous article Drupal Module User Guide:… Read more
The internet is a global system which consists of private, public, academic interconnected computer networks that use the internet protocol suite namely TCP/IP to link devices worldwide. Powerful computers are used to contain all the necessary information which may be accessed by users from all over the world.  This architecture is known as the client-server model where clients are web browsers… Read more
You have a high-speed internet connection and very capable hardware but the pages of a site are taking too long to load. You try everything possible to find the cause of the problem but without any luck. So, what is the problem? Why is your website lazy? Let's take a look at what can probably cause your website to load slow.  The loading time of a typical web page mainly depends on the amount of… Read more
An installation profile is a tailored package which makes it possible for the user to set up complex sites using relatively fewer steps. An installation profile, let's say for news sites, will include features and modules for user registration, news submission, forums, everything that a news website need. Here, you can clearly see the convenience an installation profile would provide.  Let's see… Read more
Are you a robot? Prove that you are a human.  We all have come across this image when browsing the internet. More often when trying to submit forms. The Captcha was developed to prevent automated spam bots from carrying out tasks on the internet. In more simple terms, it is a security measure to prevent bots from overloading servers with unnecessary traffic.  The Internet is overloaded with… Read more
Addresses have been vital since age unknown. Although the modern times have sorted a lot of things, the complexity, when finding an address, has only increased. With the advent of modern e-commerce finding the accurate location has become quite cumbersome, if it was not for easy to download apps.  Proper formatting of addresses of different countries is a tiresome work if the user needs to put… Read more
Interlinking with both external and internal articles can be regarded as a boon for content writers. However, this is not possible with the CKEditor link plugin. In CKEditor, all that a user could do to add links is to remember the URL of the content that he/she intends to link which seems pretty inconvenient. This is where Linkit module comes to rescue content writers. This module creates links… Read more
Catastrophes come uninvited. You might wake up one day to find out that your website is missing, replaced or has been taken down. An administrator has to be prepared for all of such unforeseen and uninvited events. Although they cannot be prevented, they can be controlled and the damage can be minimized by strengthening security, frequent backups, installing updates in a timely manner.   We… Read more
The standard Drupal installation requires downloading a whole lot of modules, themes, and configurable items so as to set up a website. Following this path is suitable for websites that require a lot of customizations. But on the downside, it does consume a lot of time because each item has to be individually installed and configured to suit the specific user needs and is not much of a use for… Read more
A token is a character, word, or a string of characters that is assigned a chunk of memory which can be used to store values or variables. A token is a generic placeholder. Core Drupal provides for the available tokens listing and substituting but, doesn't have a UI for doing so. Also, sometimes the available tokens just aren't enough. Here the need for the development of the custom module… Read more
Drupal 8 has made incredible improvements to enhance its administrator interface. UX/UI is clearly the priority in Drupal 8. While there are many important changes that were made, incorporating WYSIWYG into the core and importing a number a module is one of the important UX/UI upgrades to the status report page. In this article, we are going to discuss how we can improve the administrative… Read more
There are millions of websites on the internet and each website at least has a hundred thousand web pages. Search engine giants like Google use web crawler known as webots to crawl the web and find out information that a user requests for.  To find and present each specific information asked, is like finding a needle in a haystack. No matter how robust the search engine may be, it is a… Read more