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Akanksha is a writer more by personality than by profession. Believes in the unpopular opinion that Kindles are better than books. Also believes that even inanimate things have their own personalities - tea is all things bright and summery, coffee is all things cold and suave.

Owing to the numerous aspects and applications of web personalization, it might be a confusing term for many despite its omnipresence across the virtual world today. Web personalization is best understood as individualization of a website customised in a manner to cater to an individual's unique requirements. The importance of this concept can be realised from the fact that the founder and CEO of… Read more
Providing an optimum digital platform that is accessible, meaningful as well as communicative of your organisation’s plans and objectives is imperative to creating a healthy brand image and also for being considerate of your customers’ demands and expectations from you. Most consumers today expect a widespread and uniform and digital presence of the brand that they are associating with - a… Read more
All open source thrives on collective inputs and collaboration, there is the need for a centralised channelizing force every now and then to bring out the best in the existing resources. For any organisation that indulges in open source, it is important to remain proactive and constantly reflect upon and retrospect the direction in which their open source investments are heading.  In any project… Read more
Safe to say, we are surrounded by technology left, right and centre. And while it is not necessary or even possible that we understand all of it, it comes as no surprise that even the most non technical profiles and people associated with it have to interact with technology on a daily basis to get their work done.  Having said that, an executive role in particular would require a certain amount… Read more
The visual or graphic of a website for any content found online is the first thing that grabs the users' attention. This is the very first moment of interaction - where the good design sustains it, and the bad one pushes the leads to oblivion. More about sustaining attention with good design here. But what is it exactly that makes the user ponder over the content a bit more in one case, while he… Read more
In simple terms, resilience is defined by the idea of taking a blow and holding the capacity to recover from it. For a business, this word means that when something disruptive takes place, it has sufficient mechanisms in place to absorb the hit, without it making a dent in its business operations.  Hence, sustaining the new modern business is not only about factors like IT and infrastructure but… Read more
The term ‘digital readiness’ means assessing a one's activities, processes and competencies in terms of their compatibility to a digital environment - also analysing how ready the organisation is to fully leverage the opportunities and changes brought about by technology and their societal impact in such a strategic manner that it reaps benefits in the present and the future.  The pandemic-… Read more
“Your time is limited. So don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” Steve Jobs A personification of this quote is Vinit Kumar, Technical Lead at OpenSense Labs. He had started off as an aeronautical engineer, but life took several turns and he somehow ended up being a Drupal developer! Let’s skim through a story that talks about conventions, ups and downs, and most importantly, following your… Read more
“An information system that may be based on outdated technologies, but is critical to day-to-day operations. Replacing legacy applications and systems with systems based on new and different technologies is one of the information systems (IS) professional’s most significant challenges. As enterprises upgrade or change their technologies, they must ensure compatibility with old systems and data… Read more
Code refactoring is the process of systematically improving the quality of an application's existing code by revisiting it from time to time without affecting its functionality in real time, i.e., there is no change induced in the external behaviour of the code. In refactoring, the code might be restructured and altered to suit the present requirements and to incorporate the latest upgrades in… Read more
This is the second of the two-part series on ‘Formulating a business case for a new CMS’. The first part debates on open source CMS and proprietary CMS. The second part will discuss various other factors that are to be considered before opting for a new CMS for your business. A Content Management System is one of those things that we didn't realise we needed until they became commonplace, and… Read more
Although establishing the difference between good and bad design can be difficult to put on paper, designing isn’t a homogeneous concept. This is primarily because something like design derives different reactions from all the people experiencing it, making the subject of its feedback extremely diverse. For this very reason, fields of design also acknowledge the importance of analysing UX (User… Read more
SEO is the process of optimising a website's content with the use of certain keywords with the goal of ranking better in the search results of a search engine, for example, Google. SEO is independent of PPC (pay-per-click) results, and focuses on organic rankings. If a business wants to make the most of the web to reach its targeted audience, Search Engine Optimisation is one aspect that cannot… Read more
There is no denying that the present era  belongs to science and technology. Inventions and innovation route from each other, and creativity and technology do coexist in harmony in arenas where the catalyst for a technological advancement is the creativity of the human mind.  Source : Pfieffer ReportBut in cases other than this, ie, when we talk of the general creative ability of the human mind,… Read more
Distributions are pre-made bundles of utility tools that greatly simplify web developers' work by cancelling out the time spent on creating Drupal websites from scratch. These are complete Drupal copies that consist of Drupal core along with some additional software such as a theme or an installation profile, with a specific purpose in mind. There are two kinds of distributions - (A) Full… Read more
Diversity and inclusion are both aspects that have been seeing gradual introduction in the physical as well as digital world. With companies and brands being called out for being non-inclusive every now and then, it has become quite a slippery slope to be non compliant to the overall ethics of inclusion, as one cannot possibly serve their customers without listening to them, or worse, not… Read more
Diversity and subsequent inclusion refers to the acknowledgement and incorporation of a large range of human differences in a given environment. Branching out from the same concept is workplace diversity, which refers to creating an employee workforce that consists of people from varied backgrounds, ethnicities and experiences. This quote brings out perfectly how diversity and inclusion are… Read more
Technical leadership means overseeing a team of technical professionals at a software company. The led teams usually deal with software development and engineering. It is a designation of high responsibility, balancing thinly between being a strong leader figure and being approachable and personable while dealing with the team members. There is also a huge amount of accountability involved in the… Read more
As a business, once you start with something, it becomes almost impossible to retrace your steps and retrospect on your choices or alter the decisions that you took in the past - especially if one little move holds the capacity to affect both you and your audience exponentially. Hence, optimum planning is necessary for each aspect that your organisation is working towards, including web… Read more
The digital sphere keeps changing and evolving at the drop of a hat, technology being the truest representation of the requirements of the present world. Web development is a component of the web that manifests these changes on your screen, which explains why the Bureau of Labour Statistics  projects the demand for web development resources to grow by 8% from 2019 to 2029. But has this equation… Read more
This is the first of the two-part series on ‘Formulating a business case for a new CMS’. The first part debates on open source CMS and proprietary CMS. The second part will discuss various other factors that are to be considered before opting for a new CMS for your business. A successful business is resultant of an array of decisions, whether big or small, leading to its conception, formulation… Read more
Agile testing is a software testing method where the testing is intertwined with the web development process, ie, it is deployed while the code is still in the making, and not when the coding is complete. Hence, agile testers are an active part of the process and are functional in bridging the gap between the product owners’ expectations, developers’ execution of the code and the feedback of the… Read more
A whole lot of mental, physical and monetary investments later, your website is finally moving on the track. You have a good traction, and keep up with the trends with updated content and regular revisions. When you have eventually got the hang of managing a full fledged online presence on your website, the first thought that is likely to show up on your mind is to extend it even further.  For… Read more
Drupal being an open source project relies significantly on its community for contributions, promotion and overall expansion. The user base adds to Drupal in terms of coding, testing, bug fixation on the software, also contributing themes, modules and distributions regularly. Acknowledging the important role that the community plays and also its requirements, Drupal comes up with Initiatives to… Read more
The onset of the coronavirus pandemic has truly tested our limits in adapting to newer, confined, minimalistic scenarios. People who had been habituated to commute several kilometers everyday to work, or spend their weekends exploring the city are now constricted to the walls of their homes, finding work, entertainment and relaxation - all in the same environment. With every facet of your life… Read more
First of all, happy twentieth birthday to Drupal. Yes, you heard that right. It is Drupal’s 20th birthday! Two decades ago, an idea was conceptualised to improve the cost efficiency of an internet connection by sharing it among a group of friends. That idea has now turned out to be one of the biggest open source projects in the entire world! On the occasion of Drupal’s 20th birthday, let’s look… Read more
User Experience has gained significant prominence in recent years, and so, rightfully, have civic values. Organisations and individuals have left no stone unturned to make the globe an increasingly inclusive space for everybody. With the internet connecting the world throughout thick and thin, the right to access it must also be well distributed. Web accessibility as a phenomenon talks about how… Read more
As the needs of individuals and businesses keep evolving, so do Content Management Systems. A CMS facilitates the creation of a digital empire, providing all the basic infrastructure needed to create a website. A traditional or coupled CMS is where the front end and the back end are bound together. This means that the developers working in the back end and the users experiencing the front end… Read more
Open source is gradually sliding into the workspace of most developers these days, as they prefer a model that listens to their needs, and is also something that they can exercise some control over. As opposed to closed source where only the management can change, edit, and contribute, open source welcomes all opinions - from all nooks and corners of the world.  Why open source? In recent times… Read more