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Vidhatanand V

Vid is the Chief Engagement Officer and leads Drupal and IoT practices at OpenSense Labs. Chief Architect for Industrial IoT based predictive maintenance system, he is also the co-founder of IOTAhead.

Do you need business search applications and enterprise features for your digital business? Elasticsearch, in combination with Drupal 8, can be a perfect fit. This edition of Architecture Capsules brings you the valuable tips and tricks on implementing Elasticsearch with Drupal. Business use case and benefits Implement a user friendly and modern search experience in low turn around time and in… Read more
We are excited to announce Architecture Capsules, an original series by our Chief Engagement Officer, Vidhananad. Purely based on experiences, opportunities, and learnings, the concise format of this series will help you understand the intricate technology and its architectures in an absorbing manner. Let’s go! Federated Search is an application that allows you to index multiple sites (… Read more