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Anmol is an open source enthusiast who loves to code and play around with various technologies. Fond of sci-fi movies, he loves to call EDM his energy drink.

The templating engine of Drupal 8 has seen a massive turnaround. Unlike Drupal 7, there’s Twig in Drupal 8 instead of PHPTemplate. Twig is basically a templating language for PHP i.e a tool used to output variables inside HTML. Fabien Potencier, the creator of the Symfony framework, gave life to Twig. Contrary to Drupal 7, you cannot call the regular PHP functions in your templates in Drupal 8.… Read more
As the world gets more connected, web technologies too, need to get connected. RESTful web services can be used as an application program interface to connect various service. This can be made possible by using HTTP requests to GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data. It is based on representational state transfer (REST) technology, an architectural style, and approach to communications often used in web… Read more
Spambots are just one of the many security threats that need to be taken care of if security is your priority (which should be).  The most common way is to protect your website from automated scripts, written to scour your website, is by installing the verification code module. Talking from practical application, there are still many spammers who can crack the verification code and continue to… Read more
Going back to some moments in your life is not possible but setting back your Drupal site to any particular date is. That's because unlike your life your Drupal website has Demonstration Site module (popularly known as demo module). Drupal has a complex core structure and it is possible that your site breaks down due to the heavy code repository, security issues or when troubleshooting an… Read more