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Akshita handles Content & Marketing at OpenSense Labs. She likes to devour content related to SEO, open source technologies and politics besides Drupal, of course. As a hobby, she trains young girls with TaeKwondo.
She is also a big Game of Thrones fan and quotes Tyrion atleast 5 times a day.
Like most organizations today, NGOs operate in a complex, fast-moving digital environment and depend on the online technology to define and deliver their mission and raise donations through the digital experience which is essential to its operations. Already facing social hostility, NGOs and NPOs have to encounter monetary and budget issues to sustain themselves when it comes to web presence. As… Read more explains BAT as “... a developer's tool, not a site building tool.” A comprehensive module, BAT is a multimedia-rich framework you can use to build your hospitality website on. What is BAT? BAT is the framework you need for building your content and multimedia-rich booking website. It builds an exclusively customized website for your business. You can manage your bookings and… Read more
Whether it is breaking the internet (A’ la Kim Kardashian way) or bringing a revolutionary platform to entertain the masses, the entertainment industry is benefiting most with the advent of the internet. It's 2018 and the saying 'internet is where the fun begins' couldn't make more sense. But for the entertainment industry, ‘it is where the competition starts’. How much can Drupal take on the… Read more
As an entrepreneur, you need a reliable, secure, and flexible platform to build your business on. Not only scalable it should be future-proof to sustain the content without hampering the performance of your website. Leaders worldwide are using the power of open source to innovate their platforms and improve their business statistics. Selecting the right technology means working on the solutions… Read more
Open source technologies have come up as the cure for the healthcare industry. In this article, let us explore how Drupal is able to eliminate the technical instabilities which were sucking the life out of healthcare web development. While a country may have the best doctors and the best infrastructure, what pulls back the healthcare industry is the technical lag when it comes to web… Read more
The advent of globalization has cleared one thumb rule and that is - isolation is no more a game changer. In the new course of action, it’s the sense of togetherness that takes forward your organization and its people. So why invest so much money and energy when things can be done in a better and efficient way? You can move ahead together with people who are not a part of your core team but, can… Read more
Over 10 million sites use to markup their web pages and email messages. With increasing culmination of data, the search engine giants planned to break and structure this data to increase the relativity of the search. Since its inception, the schema has been the underlying framework upon which the structured markup of a web page is built. It provides for the guidelines to establish… Read more
Website migration not only sounds complex but puts at stake the very existence of your website. While SEO is one of the many factors involved, it is crucial in nature. Our clients and prospects face issues post migration as they lose the credibility they built on search engines. Flexibility and upgradability are sensitive areas which SEO hampers, the process-driven activities at OpenSense labs… Read more
Evolving technologies and marketing strategies have changed the way shopping is experienced. With time, the charm and challenges of e-commerce have increased. How do you plan to overcome these challenges? It is predicted that the global B2C e-commerce business will hit $2.3 trillion by 2018. But the pastures are not always greener on the other side. As an online brand, you have your own… Read more
According to annual rankings for the best government websites, 2017 (for the states) Drupal powers two of the Top 5 results, which being, Arkansas, and Mississippi.  For governments, choosing the right Content Management System is not an easy task. Not only the government needs to engage in a deep relationship with the citizens but, also to stand true to the principles of responsible… Read more
The global online sales of FMCG products is expected to hit 118 billion euros globally, by the end of 2025 The past decade has seen a sea of changes. The new concept of online shopping has hit the market hard and this is what is helping boost FMCG sales.  In order to cope up with the challenges of this fast-changing scenario in shopping trends, money is poured into market research to devise… Read more
 Knowledge and reasoning have enabled machines to beat even humans while bringing new power to the web. Inspired by complex human autonomy, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the perfect mix of science and art. The application of machine learning has advanced to an extent that it can read, understand, analyze and process the language. Siri, Cortana, Echo, and the Google Assistant are all great… Read more
Is Drupal secure? An often repeated question, concerning the credibility of open-source technologies. Organizations like the NASA, CERN, the European Union, and the United Nations use Drupal primarily for its security and scalability. Drupal's security group (SecWG) which is always working to discover potential security vulnerabilities, is the primary reason why it’s famous for its security.… Read more
Investing in the right technology tools to listen to your market is a growth-bound move, without a doubt. A hub where current and future customers can share experiences with your products or services, ask peers for help in overcoming certain challenges, the ROI of such an investment, in a nutshell, will be lasting relationships.  You raised awareness for your brand, assembled brilliant sales… Read more
I wouldn’t be surprised if as a developer you believe SEO is not your job or why should you give a dime about SEO. If your website isn't ranked on the first page, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you are missing on many opportunities. You might be aware of the basics to start with but what hinders your growth and progress is your knowledge of SEO, as it has been a notorious child all these years… Read more
Are you sure your website is serving its purpose right? How do you know if your website brings in revenue and reaches your target audience? Gone are the 90’s when you had to walk to the store, wondering what the product or service might feel like. Any consumer today has the privilege to access almost every information from the web than ever before, meaning, you nearly have 6 seconds to provide… Read more
The internet is arguably one of the most effective tools in media for communication and has helped improve a number of things such as timeliness factor, reaching a larger audience, building connection between politics, culture and economic life and the society, engagement with a larger community is also possible and much more. With the advent of the Internet, there has been a surge in online… Read more
Alas! DrupalCon Vienna has come to an end and most of the people must be reading this article from home (by now). It was a great time at Vienna and the community enjoyed the sessions, Keynotes, BoFs, beer, sprints and of course the night parties. As we pull down the curtains for the DrupalCon Vienna, here are some of the best moments from the 4 days. I sea of Drupalist. Welcome to #DrupalCon… Read more
DrupalCon Vienna is about to end with just one last day left. Click to know what all happened on DrupalCon Vienna Day 1 and Day 2. Day Three had all the interesting sessions and creative tweets. It was a sad and emotional day on Twitter as well as this would be the last DrupalCon Euro. But the fun fact was everyone was enjoying it to the fullest. Here is our list of what all happened on Day… Read more
DrupalCon Vienna Day 2 was all about privacy and tattoos. Monique morrow was trending on #DrupalCon and #DrupalConVienna. On twitter, Day 2 was all about the data security, internet privacy and governance and the responsibility to ask the tough questions. As the DrupalCon was flagged off yesterday there has been a lot of enthusiasm around the Drupal community. From #Driesnote to various other… Read more
The Drupal community is at Vienna. A quick glance into what happened at Day1. And hey, don’t forget to check if your tweet is featured in the post. No matter what you do or how long you have been part of the community, DrupalCons bring with them load full of opportunities for you to learn new things and meet exciting people from across the globe. Drupalcon Europe happening at Vienna, Austria (26… Read more
“Every blackboard makes student’s life bright” These lines by former President of India, Dr. APJ Kalam stresses out how important education is. Often the saying goes like ‘the best institutions provide the best education’ and so it comes as no surprise to know how hard it is for every institute in the line to become the ‘Best’. Every presence needs to be perfect. And it’s just impossible to go… Read more
Across the world, Drupal has gained the reputation of being technically advanced yet cost-effective. It’s large community which calls itself Drupalites, are spread around the world working on the constant evolution of Drupal as a CMS software and also help resolve issues related to Drupal. Across globe many prestigious higher education institutions trust Drupal and use it for their websites,… Read more
Drupal is used by world's 2.2% websites, is quite a bit complicated(too), but its features and modules ensure it is loved by the developers who've used it. Recently launched Drupal 8 brings with it new features, modules, and distributions which make created content look a lot better giving Drupal an edge. This blog focuses on best Drupal practices of Drupal 8 development modules and how you can… Read more