How design thinking acts as a problem solving strategy?

06/28/2022 - 18:14
The concept of design thinking is gaining popularity these days since people across different industries are using it as a strong problem-solving strategy.  The design thinking method proves to be beneficial in the process of growth and innovation in any business, and therefore, you should be prioritizing it in your organization and get the most out of it.  So, today in my article let’s find… Read more

Top Drupal Modules for 2022

06/27/2022 - 19:47
In this article, I will be sharing with you guys some of the top Drupal modules for this year 2022. So, basically, if you’re thinking of the Drupal modules which you can use for your challenging Drupal projects, then this can be a good read. Then without taking much of your time, let’s get started. Devel Generate Commerce Devel Generate Commerce is a development purpose solution that is used… Read more

How to ensure a smooth production release and avoid the rush?

06/08/2022 - 18:14
Smooth release of product or service can be very stressful at times even if you have an excellent team, proper test coverage, strong continuous integration, and a good release pipeline.  All your teams’ effort in the form of excessive working hours, avoiding breaks won’t be adequate to avoid the rush and anxiety that comes along the release process.  So, don’t you think it’s an important matter… Read more

Web development trends in 2022: Future of tech innovation

06/08/2022 - 12:58
In the world of social media, we all like to follow new trends. We keep ourselves aware of new fashion trends, songs, movies, and trendy places to visit.  Just like the other trends, the world of technology also brings changes every year and contributes to the business to perform and tackle challenges with emerging innovations. To compete, businesses need to keep up with tech trends to be in the… Read more

10 major challenges that come across during an agile transformation

06/07/2022 - 15:04
It’s no longer a mystery that agile was created as a response to the various concerns that the traditional waterfall methodology brought to both project managers and teams of an organization. There isn’t any doubt that agile focuses on helping teams to deliver faster and better products and services.  But it does come with a lot of challenges that need to be well handled by the organizations… Read more

Design as a team: An extensive guide to cross-functional collaboration

06/07/2022 - 07:48
Cross-functional collaboration plays a vital role in accelerating the delivery of better results for consumers. It promotes innovation by allowing people from various fields of expertise to come together and share different views and perspectives.  Well, it isn’t a new thing to discuss, and I suppose you must be knowing it from before. But here what matters is are you aware of the ways in which… Read more

OpenSense Labs Culture Roundup: May 2022

06/06/2022 - 17:35
Doesn’t it feel great to talk about your amazing work culture to the rest of the world? Well, it does and that’s the reason I am here to take you to the exciting company culture of OpenSense Labs (OSL).  Let me tell you that OSL is fully invested in employees' growth and development. Want to see how? Here we go!  A proud moment for OSL We must be all aware of the DrupalCon events which are… Read more

The incredible opportunities of UX design in 2022

06/06/2022 - 11:00
Recognizing customer problems and transferring ideas into real solutions is the primary way of creating an effective UX design. Regardless of the product, the design must offer comfort and ease to the user.  Today, the UX design has escalated to a whole different level that requires creativity and a human-centric perspective.  This article today will allow you to take a closer look at some of… Read more

How to implement component based design systems

06/01/2022 - 10:29
When you think about building a robust website or application, you think of two important sets of people who make it possible, that is designers and developers. Both of them are responsible for creating user-friendly experiences, but they do it differently.  The job description of designers and that of developers are not the same, not by any means. In simple terms, one of them designs and the… Read more

Guide to responsive web design in 2022

05/24/2022 - 18:32
Gone are the days of designing a website for just a single desktop screen. The growing technology and the extension of mobile websites are demanding web designers to display their work across several devices. Let us here have a practical example of it. If I ask you how much browsing do you do on a daily basis on your phone vs your desktop? What will be your answer?  Well, I already know it. So… Read more
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