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Madeline Dudziak

Madeline Dudziak is a lifestyle writer who enjoys covering many different topics. She’s currently a writer for Also, a busy mom who has somehow found time to cultivate a love of research and writing that she often gets to express in guest posts like these. Madeline is especially skilled in writing about topics related to e-commerce and marketing. Madeline’s also a freelance theater reviewer for the River Cities’ Reader, which combines her passion for writing with her passion for theatre. Also a huge fan of reading – perhaps a natural result of being named after the famous children’s book – Madeline’s Kindle is always crammed with more books than leisure time allows. Among other ways, she spends her free time doing fun activities with her husband and young children, volunteering, and participating in two book clubs.

When you are first learning and digging into coding, there is a lot of information available to you. It might even seem overwhelming, there are so many acronyms to keep track of. You might see CI/CD Integration for the first time and become confused as to what that means or what the difference really is.  Continuous Integration (CI) is when a development team merges code changes multiple times a… Read more