Design Considerations for Accessibility

12/31/2020 - 18:30
Wouldn’t you say that websites are meant for everyone. If a children’s clothing site is not able to serve the needs of all the parents that fall in its target audience, what would be the point then, right? We know every person is different, from the way they see things to the way they analyse them. Our differences do not make us less than the next person; web accessibility has ensured that, at… Read more

Ethical Design

12/25/2020 - 02:06
Have you ever thought how something can be deemed right or wrong? People say that something is morally right or wrong, but how do they decide? Something could be morally right for me, but at the same time it could be morally wrong for you, so whose opinion should be listened to?  There is no accurate answer to these questions, but there is a concept that can help us get to some semblance of an… Read more

Humour in Web Design

09/21/2020 - 18:24
There are two kinds of instances that we never forget in our lives; one is when we hysterically cry, and the other is when we hysterically laugh. The other moments in our lives are bound to lose their place in our memories, but not these. Have you ever forgotten a time when you laughed like crazy or cried like a baby? You know I am right.  These moments are not necessarily associated with your… Read more

User research without any direct access to users

09/02/2020 - 17:39
‘’Excuses, Excuses, Excuses! Skipping research might seem like a tempting shortcut, but it’s an incredibly risky move.’’ Great design journeys begin with great user research. In other words, user research keeps people at the center of the design process and products which are meant to inspire the design, analyze the solutions, and to evaluate the impact. There are times when getting direct… Read more

Visual Design Inspiration: Design Discovery

08/17/2020 - 17:31
‘’Even the most efficient product teams take a moment and ask themselves, are we designing the right thing?’’ The world we live in seeks for the most creative and interesting design projects for virtual pleasure. It is often believed that projects are successful when the design is the tip of the spear. Sometimes it is difficult to make good decisions in the middle of a project when so many… Read more

UX in the age of personalisation

07/29/2020 - 17:36
In this digital age, keeping the customers engaged with your brand is one of the most important parts of every business. Personalization has become so important that the companies that have been implementing it have been successful in the age of UX. It has now become a requirement. Personalization refers to the process of using the information provided by the user to provide a personalized… Read more

Microcopy guide for UX designers

07/10/2020 - 21:44
Emphasizing the relevance of internet search is tough. Search is even older than the internet. The long existence of search itself implies how important it is to manage and be able to provide the best experience possible. A nicely designed search benefits both you and your users. It improves lower bounce prices, customer experience, and conversions. Microcopy is an important part of the search… Read more

Rooting for gender-inclusive web design

05/27/2020 - 19:46
Usually, the restrooms are marked as ‘men/male’ or ‘ladies/female/women at offices, restaurants and other public places. Have you ever imagined yourself being in a state of utter confusion while deciding which restroom to use? No? Well, this is an everyday issue in the life of trans genders and gender-nonconforming people. The sad truth is that they fear harassment and keep running into such… Read more

Web design industry trends you need to know about in 2020

02/12/2020 - 19:04
Now that 2019 has gone, the new year comes with a lot of new trends that can attract visitors to your site. If you already have a website or you think about building one, you need to pay attention to the newest and hottest trends in web design this year.  You can hire a web design company that can help you design the website you want. But you can also get more information and build your own… Read more

7 takeaways for driving millennials to your website

01/17/2020 - 12:48
The millennials are currently the largest population in the world right now, and they have large spending power. There are many characteristics of this generation that make them very important and one to keep around you and on your website. Yet, they are exposed to too much information daily that it’s easy for them to lose track of your website or not even realize its existence at all. It is… Read more
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