Are you ready for a future with DevSecOps?

06/20/2019 - 17:41
The Analytical Research Cognizance says that the global DevSecOps market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 33.7% during the forecast period 2017-2023.  Security threats are a reality of today’s digital world thriving on everyday technology. Widespread rumours and viral content has blurred the security lines. However, it is still a big concern among IT leads and teams. Organisations cannot afford… Read more

DevSecOps: How DevOps strengthens Security 

05/24/2019 - 18:26
An instrument for value-added benefits like increased agility, speed and reduced costs along with serverless computing and dynamic provisioning, DevOps practices have been found wanting in cases requiring a secure delivery of code. However, security is a double edged sword. On the forefront it eliminates unsolicited elements and on the other hand, it might act as a roadblock with an extra step in… Read more
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