OpenAid: A Drupal Distribution For Cause-Driven Organisations

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  • December 26 2017
  • 1 min read


What is OpenAid?

OpenAid is a free and open source website starter kit designed to help cause-driven organizations create feature-rich websites, effectively promoting their work and mobilizing their supporters. OpenAid provides a modern responsive theme and commonly-needed functionality to allow organizations and programs to launch new sites without the need for extensive custom development.

Why is OpenAid All You Need?

Author and staff profiles

Author and staff profiles are inbuilt into the distribution for better authoring and identity creation.

Image galleries

A gallery is provided which can be used for different purposes throughout the web property. They can be used to highlight a cause or just general publishing of blog content or maybe to highlight any successful mission undertaken an accomplished by the organization.


Maps can be integrated into the website for navigational and contact purposes.

Multi-author blogs 

A blog feature with access to multiple authors can be given to drive a community and increase traction around the cause. Also, to connect people with respect to the cause.


Ongoing and upcoming event or news has been given prominent space on the home page.

Partner profiles

Partner profiles can be showcased in a configurable panel on the website

Donate now

An icon to indicate the donation is present by default on the website which can be further linked to a payment gateway for securely receiving donations for a cause from visitors.

Resource library

A resource library to feature Case Studies, White Papers, articles and more is available by default in the distribution.

Responsive theme

The distribution's theme is desktop and mobile-first in nature. It assures a flawless and fluent user experience throughout the website regardless of the device-type.

Additional features

Additionally, the distribution also offers a preconfigured WYSIWYG editor, a spam blocker, and other necessary features for a hassle-free installation.

By default donation feature in OpenAid
OpenAid's bydefault Donate feature.

For example, in the case of natural or artificial calamities, we don’t have time to initiate a development cycle, conduct meetings and etc. OpenAid aims to provide top-notch websites with functionalities you may require for the specific cause such as donations, voting, gallery, and so much more.

The expansion and growing use of Drupal distributions have made it easy for-profit and non-profit organizations to cater to their own needs without involving much time and resources.

Please consult us at [email protected] for any similar requirements as they are time-sensitive in nature and need immediate attention.