When Amy was seven her dad brought home their first computer, it was a Commodore 64. As technology advanced over the years she started discovering the world wide web and it amazed her which is what lead her to a career choice of providing web development and mobile application development services to businesses.

Over the past 8 years, she has helped businesses with web design and development in a wide variety of industries from Travel, Real Estate, Entertainment and many other industries. The top three industries she loves working with are Aviation, Hospitality and Haunted House Attractions. She provides rock-star quality services to all of her clients.

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA where startups make it to the big leagues, she knows what it takes to be a successful leader in business and in the world.

Principal at Invoate, LLC

Please introduce yourself and where you work

My name is Amy Bridges. I started my career as a computer repair technician then gradually grew into graphic design and as technology advanced over the years I started programming and it fueled the fire for my passion and lead me to my career of being a full stack web developer and business owner. I am the principal of Invoate, LLC which is a Digital Marketing Agency in Atlanta. 

What web services do you provide to your customers?

I provide a vast range of services such as Website Design and Development, eCommerce Development, Mobile App Development and RESTful API Development. 

How do you see the evolution of web development in the last 5 years?

The evolution of web development in the last 5 years sure has come a long way. They are now more tech stacks that allow more flexibility and web browsers are now supporting more of the modern markup tags. 5 Years ago flash was still being used for animation on websites, Now you can create animation using CSS3. I'd have to say that CSS3 is the best thing that has happened in the evolution of web development primarily due to the fact of how powerful a cascading style sheet has become. 

Why do you think Wordpress dominates the market as of now?

In my opinion, Wordpress dominates the market primarily because it's something everyone knows and they feel comfortable with Wordpress. 

What is your take on the adoption of Drupal, considering it is a preferred choice for most enterprise industries?

In my opinion, Drupal serves more of an enterprise solution indeed. The reason behind why I say this is because Drupal has more of a standardized way of creating Plugins and Themes. Drupal forces you as a developer to follow guidelines on how they intended the Framework to be extended upon. Doing so creates clean code and optimizes development time. 

What is your advice to people who are looking to take web development as a career?

Learn everything you can, Never stop learning. Research on the development languages you want to code in. Make sure you have sample projects and code to show when applying for a web developer role. Be unique in your programming strategies, Do things that will make you an individual stand out. Your programming style will be what lands you a job because it will speak about who you are as a coder. 

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