Web development trends in 2022: Future of tech innovation

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  • June 8 2022
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In the world of social media, we all like to follow new trends. We keep ourselves aware of new fashion trends, songs, movies, and trendy places to visit. 

Just like the other trends, the world of technology also brings changes every year and contributes to the business to perform and tackle challenges with emerging innovations. To compete, businesses need to keep up with tech trends to be in the market competition. 

One of the elements of technological advancement is web development which helps businesses to build their website. But what are these technology trends? Are they similar to our social media trends or something different? 

This article will help you to get a closer look at the new trends in web development in 2022.

Trends that we are going to discuss:

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Progressive web application giving seamless user experience on mobile

Progressive web applications known as PWA are the most valuable techniques that allow you to view content using a mobile browser and enable websites to load quickly and also work offline. PWA recreates the in-app experience within a browser and makes things possible for developers.  

PWAs are popular for their accessibility and reliability because they can be accessed anywhere from any device, you don't have to download a separate app to access them. 

One of the examples of PWA is Pinterest. The application analysed the usage of unauthenticated mobile users has increased and their slow web experience only managed to convert 1% of users into sign-ups, logins, and app installations. This led them to move forward towards investing in PWA.

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Source: Coredna


To know more, read this guide on progressive web apps and its implementation. Here are some other examples of different online platforms that use PWA for conversions and enhancements.

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Source: Cleveroad


AI and ML on the rise

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning have been accelerating our digital lives for a long time. We have become technology-driven and proven to be a seeker of machine intelligence. 

The biggest example of AI is chatbots. Many companies work 24x7 dedicatedly in multiple zones. This gives an option to them to get connected with their customers day and night. For this, companies are using an automated virtual assistant to be available for their users through an automated chat response. 

This virtual chat assistant helps in solving users’ queries and provides them with instant solutions. This really helps in reducing human time and power and makes things easier for a customer.

According to Salesforce’s State of Service report, an enormous growth of 136% in the adoption of AI-powered chatbots has been seen and expecting a significant increase in the future as well.

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In the above image, you can see how companies have leveraged chatbots. To know more, read:

Emerging power of voice search

Whether you use Siri for Apple or Google voice search for android, both ways are bridging the gap between people and technology and bringing a revolutionary advancement in tech innovation. 

Voice search features are built to get faster results than text searches for a business. More than one billion voice searches are conducted every month according to current voice search statistics. 

Why voice searches are more likely to be used by businesses is because:

  • Hassle-free experience
  • Quicker access to website information
  • Perform all functions
  • Multilingual support 

Learn more:

AMP accelerating website functionality

One of the techniques for businesses to save the cost of UX and increase the website reachability is AMP (Accelerated mobile pages). It is one of the important trends created by Google that every business should follow in website development. Its main function is to accelerate the page functionality and retain users on the website. 

AMP helps in improving the core business metrics which is the number of conversions on web pages.  In today’s growing technology AMP is the best choice to create e-commerce pages, advertisements, and thrilling mobile experiences by hosting pages that load instantly.

Some of the benefits of AMP are: 

  • It has lower bounce rate
  • It can increase conversion rate easily
  • It helps in increasing the SEO and SERP ranking

Uninterrupted single page application

Another trending concept of web development that is getting traction is Single Page Application(SPAs). While scrolling a web page, nobody likes to wait for too long, which makes the user annoyed. To avoid this hustle, SPAs provide faster load times since only the required content on the page gets updated instead of reloading the entire page. 

With Javascript framework and active online users, SPA is the best technique to load a single HTML page in a visitor’s browser and dynamically update content as needed without refreshing the page.

SPA as a concept is widely adopted by big organizations like Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Motion UI to boost page productivity 

A website should not only emphasize on page loads and optimization but also the overall user experience in terms of appearance. Visually appealing websites pull more traffic than usually not-so-attractive websites.

Motion UI creates that smooth and seamless user experience where the user can easily know where to move forward with the website. It helps to create an intuitive interface that guides users, telling them what to do and where to focus on the page.

Custom animation integration is enabled by standalone libraries with many classes of animated components, Motion UI is a method of CSS shifts, using it, developers don’t have to invest more time in creation and can save expenses for the business.

Cloud infrastructure growing at a fast pace

During the pandemic, many businesses shifted their paradigm to digital transformation and the idea of technology advancement has gone to another level. The unprecedented operational impact of the pandemic leads the business to move forward toward cloud computing. 

From education to health every sector adopted new ideas to connect with the public and be in work for the growth and betterment. 

According to Gartner, in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis, the worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is forecast to grow 18.4% in 2021 to total $304.9 billion.

According to the State of the Cloud Report by Flexera, 99% of companies utilize at least one private or public cloud.

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Source: Flexera 2021 Cloud Report

How does it dictate the usage in 2022? Why it is a trend? To avoid system overloading, loss of data, and costly developments major vendors like AWS, server-less algorithms were built as a part of the cloud computing model. 

Trends concerning serverless architecture are effective in minimizing development and support budget, apps with flexibility potential, and more internet-sustainable apps. 

This technology has been designed for functional service usage.

Dark mode standardization

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Have you ever switched to dark mode?

Sometimes we find it a little strange to switch your Facebook or Twitter to the dark mode but it has gained immense popularity in the last few years. Dark mode basically functions to switch your color theme that uses light-colored text or other UI elements on a darker background in order to reduce eye strain during night usage or in a dark environment. 

The purpose of the dark mode is to save your battery life and through this mode, the UI maintains the minimum color contrast ratios and provides good readability.

Here are two studies that throw light on how dark mode is preferred by people.

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Source: Uplers email

Google launched its dark mode in the year 2019 and Apple in 2018. Studies show that 95% of people prefer dark mode for android devices while 75% use dark mode on apple mail and 37% on other ios platforms. 

Essential need for cyber security

When there is a positive aspect of technology, we have to face the con side of it as well. Technology advancement has given access to the easy availability of resources that have been used by the wrong hands sometimes. 

Cyber security is one such concern when it comes to the practice of securing data, networks, and computer misuse. 

According to Cloudflare’s DDoS attack Trends for Q3 2021, Internet companies, computer software, and Gaming/Gambling sector have shown an immense increase of 573% in cybercrimes.

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Source: CloudFlare

With such an alarming increase in cybercrimes, website development has increased the technological breach of cyber security and made it easier to protect a company’s data and information through multi-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication uses two methods to ensure you're the correct user. It is basically a two-method protection method that will ask for your password along with two verification identifications either facial recognition or passcodes. 

Google Authenticator is one of the applications for two-factor authentication. 

API- first development

The need for API increased when the demand for connecting external applications and products to an existing application increased. Web solutions need to be prepared for connectivity integration and focus on overcoming cumbersome, time-consuming processes. 

With the approach of API-first, developers can do their tasks and push the code simultaneously when users access the website. It helps in lowering the expenses and boosting the delivery speed. Read about API first Drupal to know more.

 API-First helps in:

  • Faster time to market means the internal team can focus on integration.
  • Improved the customer experience through social logins like google calendar etc.
  • Reduce the development cost by integrating third-party API.
  • Increased adaptability by leveraging businesses to share their services with external applications.
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In this blog, we have understood the important and most reliable web development trends. These are the trends that will shape the future of web development and make the web product secure. By using the above modern web development trend you can improve the potential of your business needs, boost the revenue and improve the customer base. 

So, it is imperative to keep an eye on the latest trends in the technology industry that will eventually help in creating better innovations.

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