By: Jayati
September 25 2019

OpenSense Labs @ BADCamp 2019, Berkeley, California


We’re heading to Berkeley, California for BADCamp 2019!

BADCamp is an annual event that celebrates open-source software and brings together a worldwide community of Drupal users, developers, marketers and content specialists to the Bay Area. The brightest of minds share their expertise, level up their skills, and make new friends in the community every year. 

This year, OpenSense Labs is the Contrib Sponsor for BADCamp to be held in Berkeley, California. Our Business Head, Devanshu Arora, and CEO, Vidhatanand will be on deck in the contribution space and in our booth space to discuss our special agency++ programs and more.


If you're going to be around during the sessions, do not miss out on the session by Vidhatanand scheduled on Saturday, October 5, 1:30 PM-2:15 PM.

A portable approach to Federated Search using Solr Drupal Node Js trio for better scalability

Vidhatanand will be sharing how we have built an enterprise search over the traditional search methods with tinkering robust Apache Solr and Drupal 8, leveraging portability, using Java Script with a diverse range of CMSs.

He will walk you through the complex architecture of federated search and challenges amidst architecting a microservice. 

You will be equipped with the know-how of:

  • Enhancing website search experience retaining a blend of useful and accurate results.
  • Expanding inter-site searchability decreasing the bounce rate and latency.
  • Increasing data discovery and interoperability of information by cross-functional support to a plethora of platforms. 
we are heading to BADCamp 2019


See You There!

It’s a great opportunity to be a part of BADCamp 2019 and we can’t wait to talk to you about the amazing things our team has to offer. Come, stop by, say hello, and get your hands on some cool Drupal swag!

  • When: 2-5 October 2019
  • Where: Hotel Shattuck 2086 Allston Way Berkeley, CA 94704
  • Registration: