OpenSense Labs Culture: A 2021 roundup

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  • December 29 2021
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Maitreayee Bora

We have finally reached the end of 2021, the year which gave us a whole new experience of power and positivity to fight back the consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic. This was a year when our patience and power of unity were tested. Due to the impact of the pandemic, the workforce around the globe was challenged to prove their efficiency from a distant place away from their cozy workplaces. Nevertheless, it was also evident that together we can surely accomplish our endeavors even by sitting miles apart. During these difficult times the organizations contributed to their company culture that boosted the employees’ spirit who were bewildered because of the effect of the pandemic that resulted in future uncertainties. Why not look at how OpenSense Labs played its role in enhancing the overall company culture to charge up its employees this 2021? This is exactly where OSL poured its heart and soul into. 

Making employees feel valued

A company reaches the height of its success because of the people working in it with full dedication and commitment. So, here at OSL, we ensured that we create such an organisational culture where our employees are kept at the top priority and thereby emphasized more on becoming employee-centric in this year of 2021. For employee betterment, we introduced various new policies and practices that proved to be very beneficial and encouraging at the same time. With the development of new KRAs, our team growth was tremendous. By focusing more on communication and collaboration the overall efficiency and productivity increased to whole new heights. And, keeping safety as a priority, we adopted POSH which made our employees believe that we really do care and value their presence. 

Encouraging employees with Awards and Recognition 

Appreciations and recognitions work as energy boosters for everybody. Without any fail, we valued our employees by recognizing their excellent work performance and contributions. Our dedicated professionals succeeded in earning various awards and recognitions and felt encouraged to even level up their work endeavors. Raman Batra, a Software developer here at OSL won the Employee of the Year Award. And employees from the different teams also didn’t step back in earning multiple awards for their unparalleled contributions. We also appreciated the newly joined interns for their splendid performance with the Intern of the Month recognition.  

An image displaying the culture of OpenSense Labs where employees are getting awards and recognitions.

Celebrations Galore!

Celebrations are an inseparable part of our lives which anybody cannot afford to miss. Despite the condition of remote working, our People Operations Team smartly managed to celebrate each and every special occasion starting from Republic Day in January to Christmas in December. We were fortunate enough to celebrate Diwali with an exciting Rangoli and Diya decoration competition and Christmas at our workplace due to the improving situation post the pandemic. Our dedicated People Operations Team were able to entertain us even when we weren’t physically present beside each other. On the special events they engaged us with various interesting quiz sessions, treasure hunt and many more. Birthday celebrations and work anniversaries were on the list too. 

An image displaying the culture of OpenSense Labs where employees are getting involved in various celebrations.

Introducing Incredible Employee Engagement Activities

After the celebrations, let me now talk about the amusing activities that were conducted to create some fun in the repetitive schedules of the employees. We surprised our employees by introducing some of the coolest activities such as Tambola, IPL Poll, and lots more. Employees were also captivated by the creative competitions on Zoom and Fun-Filled Fridays. The credit entirely goes to our People team who exhausted all the possibilities to create a happy and joyful ambience for our professionals. 

An image displaying the culture of OpenSense Labs where employees are getting involved in various fun activities.


A positive culture improves reputations, promotes innovation, and decreases the risk of misconduct in an organization. So, this is how OSL managed to create the aspired work culture for its dedicated workforce this 2021. And we look forward to building such a strong workplace culture supporting employee wellbeing in the coming future.

OpenSense Labs Culture: A 2021 roundup
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OpenSense Labs Culture: A 2021 roundup
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