It’s time for DrupalCamp London 2020

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  • February 26 2020
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Before we know, it’s already time for another Drupal Camp. And we are ready for the infamous British summer showers! So, here we are on our way to the heart of the UK for the annual Drupal Camp London 2020. Serving as a fantastic opportunity to learn, meet old friends (and make new ones), and network, for this year’s DrupalCamp London we will try to give back to the community more than ever. 

The Drupal Camp London 2019 was a huge success with eminent keynotes and insightful sessions.

DrupalCamp London 2019

Last year our Drupal experts gave a session on NLP and Drupal 8:

DrupalCamp London 2019


For 2020, we are presenting the session:

Architecting a Highly Scalable, Voice enabled and Platform agnostic Federated Search

10.50 - 11.35 am, 14th March 2020

In this session, Vidhatanand will be sharing how we have built an enterprise search over the traditional by tinkering with robust Apache Solr and Drupal 8, leveraging portability using Java Script and with a diverse range of CMSs, thereby increasing efficiency by 40%.  

He will walk you through the complex architecture of federated search and challenges amidst architecting a microservice. You will be equipped with the know-how of:

  • Enhancing website search experience retaining a blend of useful and accurate results.
  • Expanding inter-site searchability decreasing the bounce rate and latency.
  • Increasing data discovery and interoperability of information by cross-functional support to a plethora of platforms. 
London session

We are also looking forward to the 3 Keynote speakers, over 40 sessions (which includes one of ours), BoFs (Birds of a Feather) talks, Sprints, the Saturday social, and much more. 

Hosted by City, University of London and organised by Drupal Camp London C.I.C the event is planned from 13th - 15th March 2020. 

Hope to see you there! 

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