Easy Booking: A Game Changer Drupal Distribution For The Hospitality Industry

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  • December 26 2017
  • 1 min read

What is Easy Booking?

Easy booking allows you to set up a website, that will suit all your needs in managing your own hotel, inn or hostel online. It gives a set of options for visitors to make room reservations, contact hotel administration or just follow hotel’s newsletter to be aware of all special offers and discounts. Easy booking profile is powered by Drupal Rooms and Drupal Commerce - widely used and popular contributed decisions, which means active maintaining and timely technical support.

Why should you choose Easy booking?

Online booking 

A by default online booking feature allows search refinements. It basically provides custom filters and easy to use search functionality.

Online availability

Availability can be dynamically updated by admins at any point in time to help prospects in decision making and accordingly schedule their visit.

Easy to display bookings with Availability calendar

Bookings will automatically be synced with calendars for better tracking and operational ease.

Hotel Information

A landing page by default features hotels by region, location, and ratings. This makes it easy for the users to surf available and reviewed options in a particular area or region.

Drupal commerce powered

The distribution has payment gateways, check out and additional transactional features for a hassle-free transaction requirement of a booking website.

Contact us & Maps 

The Contact Us CTA in the footer will feature pictures of the physical properties.


The home page has segregated sections as per the hospitality industry standards, for example:

A carousel

This highlights deals or any breaking content in an intuitive and appealing format for a better user experience.


This section can be used to showcase the vision or a driving story behind the venture.


To air ongoing or upcoming events related announcements or news.


Value-added services can be featured to market hotels by utilizing their respective Unique Selling Point or USP.

Social media links

Out-of-the-box social media integration for linking multiple social handles into the website.

Easy booking interface and default gallery
Easy booking's interface and default gallery

All these elements are core to the hospitality industry. Drupal has made it very comfortable to establish an online presence without investing in the usual time and resources. This is an initiative for start-ups or even industry leaders to set-up an interactive and easy to understand interface for their visitors.

We at OpenSense labs are keen to set up such useful distributions. Our development team has years of experience in providing ready-to-use websites, taking into account the resources and time involved. We are here to hear your concerns and requirements for your booking portal, from website design to implementing core functionalities, feel free to speak with us at [email protected]

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