By: Harshit
December 28 2017

Drupal Distribution: Vardoc. For Documentation & Organisational Communication

What is Vardoc?

Vardoc is a knowledge base system, a wiki system, and a document management system designed to host a massive amount of content in a structured and easy-to-find format. Vardoc helps you build a connected organization, product, or knowledge area to allow everyone involved to find the answers they seek and contribute their expertise in the knowledge base. Think of it as a wiki site of your product, user manuals, or organizational processes. With the easy structure, collaborative tools, and a friendly design.

Who is using Vardoc?

  • Product documentation sites.
  • Agencies who want to document software.
  • Documenting Open Source projects or products.
  • Documentation of inter-organisational processes.
  • Website based interactive user manuals.

What makes Vardoc wonderful?


A by default powerful search which searches through the vast repository of the documents and provides the relevant results.The search mechanism is already set and tailored for the knowledge base system by prioritizing headings and titles more than the content's body.

Editorial features

The distribution supports editorial features which help keep the documents up to date. The editing mode is also tailored for quick review and vetting of information.


Being a knowledge base, the website at its core it provides powerful features to structure the framework in which the documents are to be stored. This gives the user the power to tailor the structure and present the data in a hierarchy which best suits the organization.

User Management

To control and regulate the engagement of the website the admin will have full control of their roles and permission.  

Customisable themes

It is essential to have proper theming on your website. You can brand your website by modifying the starter theme with some easy-to-make and quick CSS changes.


When potential users are searching the web, make sure your website is there to be found. On Vardoc you are immediately optimized for search engines when you update your sitemap.xml, create and set customized URL paths and custom page titles, and include specific keywords.

Accessibility compliance

 The Vardoc based website already complies with the accessibility requirements(WCAG 2.0) for various user groups.

Social media Integration

Out-of-the-box social media integration which enables governments to link their social handles to the website.

Demo for Vardoc; home page for vardoc
An insight into Vardoc's elements

How can it change things for you?

  • It is cost friendly and saves the usual development time.
  • Readies websites with pre-built components which accelerate development,

  • It is for hosting an enormous amount of content without degrading the performance of your website.

  • It provides a user experience which aligns with a directory and inter-organizational communication purposes.

  • Documentation for various verticals can be undertaken in an organized manner.

To Sum Up

It is much cost friendly and saves the industry-standard development time. It has everything under one roof.

Organisations may find it easy to decide but depending on their current website’s dynamics, our resource involvement depends. Opensense Labs has always been keen towards finding the appropriate solution for clients and prospects in general. Feel free to reach us out at [email protected] for help.