February 6 2017

Techtud is a contribution-centric social network for technical students. The core idea is to create a new education culture based on the principle of active participation. It suitably combines various social networking features to maximize the user engagement and improvise learning experience. Visit Site

Project Goals

  • Full migration to D7
  • Custom responsive theme
  • Adding features to make it a complete social network
  • Various third party integration
  • Easy content creation for end user
  • Performance improvement by caching


Early stage Techtud was just a Q/A site with limited voting options. Increased demand and user’s interest gave it a new angle and now the founders were looking forward to make Techtud a full-fledged social network to make learning active and personalized. However, when it comes to user-engagement features, a number of things can be built and many of them may not be relevant to an edu-social platform. As, educational content varies from video to text, another major challenge was to identify the content type, structure and its presentation for easy discovery. Being a social network, most of the content generation was to be done by users, so quality assurance was a prime goal.

Moreover, user experience, smooth migration to Drupal 7, scalability, performance was a major concern.


Content creation workflow and Quality assurance: Drupal’s content creation strategy with custom workflow, Responsive content, Flagging content, Interactive content.

User Engagement: Follow, Subscribe, Notification, Private Message, User Tagging.

User Profile and Role Upgradation: User’s Point, Custom Rules, Profile2, Third party integration for authentication.

Scalability and performance: Architecture reform, Multiple level caching, Views optimization and Query optimization.


HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Drupal Commerce, Zurb Foundation 6





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